23 Nov

The Lab is growing…

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Okay so i’m having two people move in with me, since the wife took off and left me with a 100 m^2 appartment which is costing me..well quite a few euros. It’s not that i can’t afford it, but i can’t afford it comfortably. Comfort is the key issue here. Having someone, or in this case, two someones, to split the rent with, will help me greatly, and i can perhaps afford to buy some technology and other things that make me happy. Being a materialistic asshole to begin with.

Currently, i’m running all my equipment off a 160x80cm IKEA Galant desk, with the T-legs. This is going to be extended by another 120×80 piece, making the total desk space 280×80. On this desk i’m gonna fit three workstations (one for each occupant of this new, curious household), and under the desks will be some of my servers and other testing gear.

My shelf that previously housed a number of small boxes containing various spare components have now been moved away; giving way to more and more books. Like actual literature.

Also what is going on is i’m gonna be updating Dorsia to OpenBSD 4.8, possibly even today. I hope the pf configurations haven’t changed that much since 4.7, though i wouldn’t mind learning the new syntax properly. The hardware is also changing to a different box. Currently it’s a mishmash of older parts in some generic case. What i have in mind is an old HP workstation, that i have slightly pimped out. Nothing spectacular. Also, DynDNS stopped offering  the .homeunix.org domain for the free users, and since i’m a cheap bastard, i’m gonna keep doing the free service since that’s basically all i need. The new domain will have to be something else.

And to add insult to injury, i’m rigging up a server at work, since that’s something i could use as a proper virtualization platform. I’m thinking of running a debian based linux, with virtualbox.  I  might change my mind, but i really like virtualbox; it does everything i need and it’s free.

3 thoughts on “The Lab is growing…

  1. Roommates eh? Are you going to have a hacker paradise or are these laymen – random people from the streets of malmi perhaps? 😀

  2. H and friend S are moving in in January. Finally someone who actually pays rent, as opposed to a certain D. Anyway. I didn’t find any attractive smaller appartments in the areas i was interested in, and this is in great condition in a good location, so this was a good option. I’m pleased.

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