23 Dec

Christian tradition disappearing in Finland


I say, good on you!

There’s discussion in the Finnish media about tradition (read: christian tradition) disappearing in our schools. Some schools are downright outlawing songs and plays that portray christian values. Funny by the way, how the word christian, no capital C, is listed as misspelled in WordPress / Chrome.

This whole issue just makes me angry. And to top things off, one of our tabloid “news” “papers” have started a poll, where people can vote to either keep or abandon these christian traditions. At this time, something like 34 000 people have voted, which isn’t a lot. They should have added boobs. Or something. And now the headline is “Removal of christmas traditions causes minor citizen uproar!”. Free advertisement over an issue they have no control over, and that the majority doesn’t really give a shit about. Good work.

Basically songs that come from christian hertitage, anything containing jesus, god, angels and other christian bullshit, are being removed from Finnish schools. Christmas celebrations are in no way affected, but the issue is that “tradition” is being trampled.

So my question is, do we need religion to have tradition? Do we need the bible to have morals? Scarily, i’ve heard that an atheist cannot have morals, because the bible, the word of god, is the only source that teaches morals to people.

I think not. We can still celebrate, and have all kinds of fun without religious context! It’s like people want to continue old traditions just to continue them. How many people in Finland are actually Christians? I mean people who pray, go to church and read the bible? Not too many people i would wager. So what’s the fuzz?

“My Daddy and his Daddy before him always dropped bricks on their cocks. So you, my son, will continue to do the same thing!”

-“But why Dad, why?

“Because it’s always been done that way. Now get ready, here it comes!”

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