23 Aug

I feel like titling every post ‘Random’

Yeah I’m bad at figuring out titles for my posts, so they will be..what they are. For now.

I’ve been back at work for about 7 days now, and I’m already pretty stressed out. Nothing I can’t handle, but still. A decent reminder that yes, i have a job that i do well, but that is not easy to do well without feeling the effects.

My home garden is still alive, and looking better than ever. The balcony-project has been growing lettuce for many many weeks and providing tasty goodies for many a salad. The basil is looking good as well, and right in the middle, you can see some slow-growing parsley.Inside i have another similar box which has some Chives, and some Rucola growing in it. They are not yet in representable condition, so pics will have to wait.

Home-growing (not that, hippies), I’ve found, is quite satisfying, even on this small scale. But in an urban environment (such as in our bustling megacity of a capital, Helsinki), small is where the game is at. Word.

I had the weirdest dream last night. Perhaps one of the weirdest ever, and all without any mind blowing, groovy, 60’s drugs. Basically it was me, my father and my paternal grandfather (who just turned 90, props) on the yard of one of their previous homes. For some reason, which was not explained by anything else by twisted dream-logic, he had.. a cake. Growing out of his left temple. It had apparently started out as just a.. splotch, and dismissed as something old people just “get”. But then it started growing, and turned out to be a cake. And it kept growing and growing. I found a screw on the top side of this cake (at this point he was unable to move because of the size of the cake), and i for some reason, reasoned that this screw is what holds the entire thing in place. So we started turning the screw, which eventually released the cake.

Now if this isn’t fubar, get a load of this. On the side of the cake was.. a door. Opening the door revealed a bakery or a coffee shop. A coffee shop inside a giant cake, growing out of a mans head. And there were people, employees, inside this giant cake/bakery .. thing! So i promptly told them to get the fuck out of the giant cake, and to leave my grandfather alone. The shift-manager, was this weird.. Stepford-Wife kind of person who just had this creepy smile on her face, and without commenting on the weirdness of the situation, calpped her hands merrily, and asked the other employees to leave. I think her happy (creepy happy) face and demeanor was the last thing i saw in this dream.

I would wager i had some late-night fever or something, because never, in my nearly 30 years, have i had a dream that was this fucking convoluted. I’ve been fighting some viral infection for a few days, so it might explain things.

This is so fucked up, you have to realize i could not possibly make this shit up.

So what else. Finished the patio/whatever at the cottage, and it now kicks ass:

Kick. Ass.

Still don’t reaaaally have a well-behaving Ubuntu 11.04 with kernel 3.0 rc[n]. It does boot, but i get bogged down with a bunch of issues. I’ve been posting some bug reports, but most of it has already been posted. So there’s not much i can add. But i try to do my share.

I love how Linus Torvalds has taken up using Google+ to announce new kernels and other misc stuffs. Not sure i like google+ though. It’s turning into facebook for me, which i left nearly 2 years ago. The only thing I’m liking more, is the way it handles links and media, for some reason. Facebook might be just as good nowadays. Who knows. The games addition is (not yet at least) as bad as Facebook, since you can actually choose to opt in to seeing game-related content. So i don’t have to follow your progress on fucking Mafia wars or some other inane piece of productivity-waste.

I started reading Devil’s Eye, by Jack McDevitt. So far it’s basically a “far-in-the-future”, as in millennia from now, detective story. So far. The sole reason i picked it up, out of the blue, was that i was reading an article on Hypernovas (as opposed to Supernovas), and the article mentioned that this book features a hypernova. That sounded interesting,so i placed my order.

Ok enough rambling. I’ll update with some stuff on my HTPC at a later date.

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