13 Feb

The picture on my Samsung LE40B535 turned red. Ish.

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So yeah. I was playing around with my TV, and the picture turned red. Yeah, like red red. It had a red tint, or a hue, or some such shit.  So first I was obviously like, “ok some weird settings change occurred”. Check settings. Nothing. Reset settings. Nothing. Picture is still redish. I mean the picture is sharp as all hell, but on all inputs, the picture is red. Including the built in DVB-C tuner, the PS3, the Xbox 360 (both over HDMI).

The only thing that changed? I hooked up a desktop PC through VGA for testing purposes.

Yeah! Hooking up the PC over VGA borked the picture on all other inputs. Great.

Googling… Find a forum that has the solution, luckily. First page was all “I called service!!!”. Second page had the solution. Go to the service menu, set a setting back to normal and presto: we’re back. No service needed. So how was it done? Here goes:

  1. Shut down your tv, but leave it in standby.
  2. On your remote, pointing it at the TV, press, in order, Info, Menu and finally Mute. Do not hold the buttons down, just send one command per button to the tv.
  3. Turn TV on. You should now be in a Service Menu. (this should work for most Samsungs)
  4. From the ADC/WB menu, select ADC Result
  5. From there, find the 2nd_R_Offset value, which for me was about 20 or so higher than the 2nd_G_Offset and 2nd_B_Offset values.
  6. You should see the change immediately.
  7. To get out of the menu, shut down the TV and start it normally.

Note: My TV was running on the latest firmware available for this model. The PC was a standard Fujitsu-Siemens desktop, and i was running memtest, so nothing even remotely graphically complex. I am also running another PC over HDMI: My MediaPC. It runs XBMC on Ubuntu 10.04. No issues on this for the past two years I’ve had it.

I am therefore inclined to blame the VGA. This is an old model so a firmware fix is unlikely. I am also inclined to thank ‘vasili0s’  on the cnet forums. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “The picture on my Samsung LE40B535 turned red. Ish.

    1. I’m not aware of a youtube video; then again I haven’t looked.

      As for doing it without the remote: I doubt it, since it requires buttons that are not physically on the TV (at least on my model).

  1. Basically, my samsung TV runs fine for a while, and then it goes onto that red glow on the picture for a short period, then it goes back to normal picture? this was like it when it was purchased no idea what it is or how to fix it. Any help?

    1. Hmm.. Doesn’t sound like the same issue. What do you have hooked into your TV? Or what have you had plugged in now/before? The issue i described was clearly caused by connecting a VGA source to the TV.

      Your issue sounds more like an actual fault. I’d upgrade to the latest firmware from Samsung’s site (you need a USB stick, the instructions are pretty good on the site), and if that doesn’t help, and it’s under warranty, I’d talk to Samsung.

  2. You are amazing, thanks a lot. I had this problem for years and you solved it just like that. In Spanish: Eres el puto amo.

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