29 Apr



And here are some pics from 2006. Yet another apartment. It would seem that I moved pretty much every year. Not so much lately.

A smooth 3×17″ setup. Though, one screen was for my OpenBSD box, and two for my main desktop. I was running Xubuntu back then it would seem. I also seem to remember trying Gentoo for a few months around that time, but i don’t think i have any pictorial evidence to support my claims. The cactus on the left there sadly passed away last month after years of malnurishment and bad care.

Here we have my iBook G4 (also taken in 2006) that i had back in college, as well as my Nokia E60. I liked that phone. Man it was built to fucking last, and it had Symbian S60 on it. What you see there is my right hand, the iBook, and the phone during some lecture. The phone, if i recall, was running some S60 IRC-client, so i could uh.. multitask? Something inane like that, but it felt cool at time time. A lot of us had Apple laptops back then. Some had Sony’s.

There’s one last apartment of my own that I don’t seem to find any pictures of. My first place after I moved away from my parents in ’05.  Then of course, I’m going to raid my parent’s old photo albums to try and find pictures of my *really* old workstations from the 90’s. That ought to be fun!

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