31 Dec

End of a year

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The last day of 2012. The world didn’t, much to everyones dismay, end. Or maybe it should have already happened, as the Mayans didn’t account for leap-years, which were implemented much later (and have happened some 500 times since). If those are added in, the world shoul have ended 7 months ago or something. Of course the whole issue was a bunch of horse shit to begin with, but that’s not important now.

A lot of things happened this year for me. I traveled to New York for a second time for HOPE 9. I’ve learned a lot of neat tricks on my own time, and at work. Mostly related to, what else, computers. Assembly 2012 Summer came and went, and i found myself thinking about 2013’s Assembly a few days ago. Tickets come on sale in like, 6 months! I got a few certificates. My grandfather passed away. My son turned five. I moved from AMD to Intel for the first time since 1999.

What’s in store for 2013 then? My father turns 60, and we’re celebrating that in a big way. Work goes on, I hope, and i’ll become even more proficient at what I do. But that’s a constant process, really. There’s so much to learn, and luckily I’m still very young. And I don’t even have a brain tumor, as an MRI pointed out! See, I participated in this voluntary study, in the control group and..

I haven’t written very much in the past few months and that’s all really down to “being busy”. I’m not entirely sure that I have been more busy, but work has certainly been taking up a lot of my time lately. I haven’t had much time to work on personal projects, although I’ve done some which I’ll detail later. I got rid of the Primera for instance, and am now sporting a brand new Honda Civic, which delights me greatly. The Primera served me well, don’t get me wrong, but it was getting a bit too old for my tastes. I needed blue LEDs.

About the projects. My HTPC has gone through a number of updates, which I’ll probably write a separate blogpost about. To sum things up, I’ve upgraded to a 3TB Western Digital Caviar Red, and even more recently, to XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’. Both have been stellar so far. As I said, I upgraded my personal PC to an Intel Core i5, which I’ve already written about. The SSD is still rocking like a champ, and makes using the machine so much more flexible. I also added 8GB of RAM just because I felt like it. Having that 16GB just feels right, you know? Oh, and I updated my home gateway to OpenBSD 5.2 yesterday.

Today will be spent among friends, but also with my boy. Hopefully it will be a relaxing time. Like, Suntory time?

I don’t know what else to say right now, and end-of-year wrap-up’s are boring to read anyhow. But I will mention some of the upcoming posts that I have brewing:

  • The HTPC now
  • I’d imagine a few posts about vSphere 5 since that’s been a bane and a blessing of this year
  • Something esoteric and quasi-existential about Solaris, BSD and maybe Linux
  • Probably something wildly ranting and political in nature that i’ve been taking notes about in my hipster Moleskine Pacman 30-year aniversary notebook

In all, the year in hindsight was not all rotten and shit.

Have a good 2013.

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