8 Jan

Immoral hiring practices


This isn’t related to me particularly, but I wanted to discuss it briefly. There are companies probably everywhere, that have immoral hiring practices. Ta-da, who would have guessed, right? What I want to focus on is hiring people for jobs that they know 9 out of 10 people will quit within any arbitrary short period of time. Say a month or two. Most of these jobs are telemarketing jobs. When they call people up, the HR person, or the person pretending to be the HR person, will tell you about how glad they are to hear about you, and how wonderful the job is going to be. “Please come in for an interview so we can discuss your employment closer!”. You go in. You get a pre-packaged, clearly falsified image of the job, the company and the HR-person. In actuality, you’ll have to work your ass off, earning your tiny salary, and doing it in an immoral way. The HR person knows that the job sucks, that you will have to bend rules and maybe even lie to get your job done, calling people and tricking them into signing up for whatever. Many of these companies have a reputation online, as long as you look around for a bit. Some of them are even on ‘Kuningaskuluttaja’ (Equivalent to maybe the.. Consumerist in the US?), some even several times. They are there because people have compained that they have ordered things from the company without even knowing it, or sometimes, they claim, without even getting a phone call.

What kind of an HR person works for such a company, knowing that the persons you hire this week will probably not be here a month from now? How long can you do it “just for the money”? I mean I can understand just doing a job and not caring for the consequences for a while, just to get  by. But imagine hiring people for a living, and talking trash to do it. Day in and day out. How long could you do it? How profitable can it even be? Hire 1000 people per year, and out of those, less than 2 % actually stay with the company for any meaningful amount of time. I’m just pulling these numbers out of my ass, but they’re probably pretty close. Sure, you don’t pay these people a lot, so even if they leave the next week, no biggie. Some of these companies have to operate at the very brink of illegality, getting notes from the ‘Consumerist’ every now and then, being plastered all over forums and news papers.

And still, people keep applying for those jobs. Still people pick up the phone and end up ordering or signing up for something, even though they clearly said “no”.

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