4 Jun

Cool Podcasts


Hey! In case you sometimes do boring repetitive work ( _o/ ), and you have to wait some; get some podcasts that teach you useful things!

I’m a podcast newbie, i subscribe to two podcasts. Below, i shall review them in brief, but check them out yourself for the complete experience!

Pauldotcom Security Weekly
P found this a while back, and this show is great! It deals with security like it’s supposed to be dealt with, in a highly technical manner. The subjects range from exploits to defences to general hacks. The hosts are funny as hell, drink beer and do a bunch of gay-jokes while podcasting, so it’s all uh.. clean fun. These guys teach courses for SANS, and they’ve written books too. Among other things, they have a book out that discusses solely the Linksys WRT54G, which is totally kick ass. I think i’m ordering that just to own it.

Off the Hook
I’ve listened through every episode ever made, and i can recommend this to anyone interested in the hacker subculture. Hosted by Eric “Emmanuel Goldstein” Corley, it’s a show on the community supported WBAI 99.5 FM in New York. The entire station runs on donations, which are collected during special “fund-drives” that are organized as necessary, but at least three times a year. On the show are a varying cadre of regulars and not so regulars, such as Bernie S., Redbird, Redhackt, Walter, Not-Kevin, Mike, Jim, Kevin Mitnick and others. In all a great all-round show on all things hacker.

Links to the respective shows are below! If you have any other recommendations for an IT-guy such as me, hit me up with a comment!

1) Pauldotcom.com
2) Off the Hook

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